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Customized products that generate results.

Innovative solutions and partnerships to transform your business.


Design Sprint

Ideal for companies looking to create their first MVP.

The Design Sprint is a rapid methodology for creating an MVP, aligning goals, expectations, and user profiles. At nata.house, we employ our own methodology to define software flows and prototypes, bringing speed and assertiveness to development projects.


Robust and scalable solutions for various business niches.

Applications are excellent for reaching customers. At nata.house, we create multi-platform applications that ensure impeccable usability and smooth user experience. Our goal is to build products that your customers will love using, with timely delivery and clear, proactive communication.

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Web Apps

Robust and scalable solutions for various business niches.

Web applications are robust and scalable solutions, and at nata.house, we specialize in web technologies. Our focus is to understand the client's business context in order to create solid and scalable systems that meet the needs of schedule and budget.


A good architecture is the difference between the success and failure of your product.

At nata.house, we provide project architecture consultancy to guide decision-making and facilitate long-term maintenance for our clients' teams. Our approach is based on modularity and standardization to maximize application performance and minimize the occurrence of bugs and unexpected errors.

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Adapted processes

We choose to work with the JavaScript ecosystem due to the wealth of content shared by the developer community, which leads to the most efficient ways of problem-solving.

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1. Diagnosis

We understand the client's business and ideas to define priorities to enable a personalized project.

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2. Planning

We conduct an immersion in the client's company to understand the project requirements, rules, functionalities, and objectives, in order to provide a customized software solution.

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3. Development

Quality and scalability tests are conducted throughout the whole process. During this phase, functionalities are developed and continuously tested to ensure they align with delivery expectations and generate maximum value for both the business and users.

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4. Support

We offer expertise in JavaScript to propose robust architectures, enhance existing codebases, and ensure that the client's team is capable of maintaining them in the long term.