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Our History

The starting point

Our Founders André, Henrique, Pedro and Márcia, created nata with the objective of providing companies with access to digital products of excellence, with a focus on user experience, high quality and efficiency in development.

How we do


Fueled by curiosity, driven by an insatiable desire for knowledge and innovation


Openness to exchange opinions and experiences, strengthening alignment among people and cultivating trustworthy relationships.


We embrace challenges, take ownership of our responsibilities, and understand the impact of our actions


Taking pride in what we do is what inspires us to improve each day and give our best in everything we set out to accomplish


Multiple talents with complementary visions, sharing and supporting each other, make the team unique.

Day to day culture

With a team of individuals who are driven to make a difference, our People Management Committee fosters initiatives to continuously enhance the day-to-day experience of our team, creating an interactive and collaborative environment. These actions aim to promote diversity, culture, knowledge and enrich interpersonal relationships

Technical Learning


Nata.tech is a movement organized by Nata.house that aims to conceptualize, structure, and execute internal and external events. This initiative is aligned with the company's objectives of disseminating technological knowledge and fostering community engagement.

Hands On

In our Hands-On, we discuss specific topics related to the field of development and technology, as well as the challenges encountered in the day-to-day work. The event is led by members of our team or guest speakers.


Café da Moçada

Simulating the office coffee break, where people would grab a cup of coffee, stretch their bodies, and have a moment of conversation and exchange. Feel free to join us!

Conecta Moçada

Implementing continuous educational initiatives that emphasize the significance of fostering holistic health and embracing organizational diversity, with the aim of cultivating a secure work environment and enhancing the well-being of our team

Career Progression

Feedback Culture

Here at Nata feedback is more than just a performance evaluation tool, it is a tool to aid development. More important than the rituals themselves is cultivating a feedback culture. This means that whenever there is a point to address, we encourage individuals to engage in conversations with the relevant person(s), both to provide feedback and to seek it.


The goal is to engage individuals and create a culture that cares about people, aiming to promote well-being at work, career development, and trust-based relationships. It is a crucial moment for making connections and gaining systemic insight into each person. It provides a safe environment for genuine exchanges between leaders and their team members.

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